My Why

"I have this burning desire to help people navigate their process."

As a child, Shelly's brother Daniel always had a heart full of compassion for those who were less fortunate than himself. This ranged from those who were homeless to runaway teens that he always brought home.  As he grew older, he wanted to open an orphanage, a soup kitchen and shelter for runaway teens. 

As life would have it, he became depressed and suffered from mental health issues.  This led to a psychotic episode that landed him in a state funded mental hospital which he has resided for 3 plus years. This impacted Shelly in a deep way so she wrote her first book "IDENTITY: Finding Hope for Your Journey" and launched her first brand My Story Your Journey where she focused on helping others to find hope for their journey. 

Daniel noticed even here that there were residents less fortunate than himself.  He comes from a very supportive family and church family. He receives calls daily, money for haircuts and other essentials.  His family buys requested food items, clothes, shoes, and toiletries. However, he noticed that some residents NEVER receive a phone call, much less a care package.  So, he started sharing his blessings with others. He gave away food and clothing.


One day, he shared with his mother that he was giving to the residents who had no family or friends supporting them. He expressed the desire to do so much more. So he started THE DANIEL PROJECT. His grandmother and pastor, mentioned it on her radio show and people started calling in donations. 

Daniel gives his family the names and requested items from these residents.  His mother does the shopping for everything. Then, his other sister and grandmother delivers what was purchased.

For the first time in years these residents will know that somebody cares all because Daniel continues to selflessly give.  He said, "He loves to see the look on their faces when he gives them unexpected food or clothing." It makes him feel good to know how much God has blessed him and now he can be a blessing someone else.

This is why a percentage of all proceeds from The Confidence Coach (TCC) brand goes towards supporting this cause. Through the TCC Brand, Shelly helps professionals and creatives accomplish their goals with confidence allowing them to increase their impact and income doing what they've been called to do. TCC empowers you to accomplish your goals no matter what you have experienced in your life up to this point.