Eileen's Design Portfolio
The Bridge Podcast Cover_Draft 2
PATIENTS Voice Newsletter_April 2022_Patients Day 2022
RTWR_Fall 2021 Series_Main Flyer_corrected
Cover_PATIENTS Voice Newsletter_Late Summer 2022 Edition_FINAL
PATIENTS Voice Newsletter_August 2022_Community Partner
Social Media_PATIENTS Voice Newsletter
PATIENTS Voice Newsletter_February 2022_Cover FINAL
Diversity Award_PATIENTS Voice Newsletter_February 2022
PATIENTS Voice Newsletter_Februrary 2022_pages 8-9_community partner_resized
10-Step Engagement Framework -Updated_full color
Patients Trifold_Spanish Version_Draft 3_FINAL_Page_1
Patients Trifold_Spanish Version_Draft 3_FINAL_Page_2
Dissemination Tool Kit Cover_Draft 9_9.30.22.png
The Patients Professors Academy (PPA) Project
PPA Final Artwork 10-11-2021_Larger
PPA Recruitment Flyer 2022_FINAL_No Date
PPA_Academy Teachers graphic
PPA_Spots still available graphic
2022 Roundtables Series July Flyer_FINAL
2022 PPA Full Graduates Map

Video Production, Voice Over Production, and Script Writing

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Project
FINAL_English Version_FDA COVID19 Attitudes Giveback.png

**Received federal recognition

ID@Home Project
IDatHome_slide 10
ID_Home_Sen. and President Announcement _FINAL
ID_Home_Session Two Announcement_FINAL
ID_Home_Session One Announcement_FINAL
ID_Home_save the date_Final
ID_Home_Conference Agenda_FINAL
Active Surveillance Project
(For social) Active Surveillance Flyer_Draft 3_for social
(Sessions For Social) Active Surveillance Flyer_FINAL_Draft 3_sessions for social
(For social) Active Surveillance Flyer_FINAL
Timeline Infographic_DISRUPTS  COVID-19 enhancement_FINAL File Page 2
Timeline Infographic_DISRUPTS  COVID-19 enhancement_FINAL File
PREP-IT Project
PREP-IT Infographic_FINAL_4-18-22_Page_1
PREP-IT Infographic_FINAL_4-18-22_Page_2
CO-DRIVEN Training 2022 Winter_Spring Series_Updated Series 4-7-22_FINAL
Co-Driven_Flyer_October 18, 2021 Session_DRAFT 4
CO-DRIVEN Project Infographic_2022_DRAFT 2
Office of Student Research
Portfolio - UMSOM Flyers_icre cream social
Portfolio - UMSOM Flyers_dual degree
Portfolio - UMSOM Flyers_BBQ
By Vision Creations LLC
BVC_stacked logo
BVC_vertical logo
EmPAcT Global Logo_FINAL white background
Events by India_FINAL Logo
Heart 2 Heart Logo
FGMI Logo Gold Foiled
Portfolio - MBG Construction_Logo
Portfolio - MBG Construction_Business Cards
Portfolio - MBG Construction_letterhead
Destiny Love_youtube banner
Man Up - Updated Logo for BlackT-Shirt (Version 2)
Portfolio - Deacon Farr _Tshirt Mock up
Man Up 2019 Conference Flyer - FINAL
Radio Talk Show Flyer - Updated
JLMF Outreach Flyer Landscape
Experiencing God Cover
Portfolio - Joseph Eldridge_freedom song album cover
Here I Am Singe Cover Jawanah Connor_FINAL
Portfolio - Jean Jeffreys_time out flyer

Video Production, Voice Over Production, and Script Writing

Video Production and Script Writing

New Vision 4 Life Church
Portfolio - New Vision for Life_old logo
NVFL Letterhead Revised
Portfolio - New Vision for Life_membership handbook
Portfolio - New Vision for Life_brochure pg 2
Portfolio - New Vision for Life_brochure pg 1
Empower You Guide - Cover_graphic only