What good is a S.M.A.R.T. goal if you don't have the confidence to achieve it?

Increase your confidence with proven strategies and tools. 


What is TCC? The Confidence Coach brand (TCC) is a goal success coaching company based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that offers coaching and training programs, webinars, interactive workshops, and corporate retreats to empower professionals to increase their confidence, impact & income doing what they've been called to do. 


Why TCC? Our founder Shelly Eldridge, a certified goal success coach, author, influencer, and entrepreneur, has the experience, gifting and expertise to consistently deliver high-quality services that produce impactful results.


Shelly has created The Possibility Framework™ to guide professionals to overcome negative self-talk, breakthrough procrastination, and navigate beyond hindrances and challenges so they can​ take intentional action with simple action steps towards their goals.

TCC Specialties

Goal Success


Increased Confidence

Massive Progress

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We accomplish our goals, make the impact we were designed to make, and increase our income when we have clarity, confidence, and commitment for the personal and professional goals that we desire to accomplish. When you apply The Possibility Framework™, you will accomplish your goals 4x faster, feel more confidence about achieving your goals and empower others which will ultimately increase your impact and income. 

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."
- Henry Ford

Here at TCC we value intentionality, creative thinking, growth mindset, and transformational learning. We take the time to listen so you feel heard to provide impactful customized services that empower you to achieve your professional and personal goals in less time without overthinking or being overwhelmed. 

I can't wait to connect with you and your teams to transform your perspective for consistent goal success. 



Within A Week my Mindset Changed!

"You’re providing us with something we didn’t know we needed. Thank you! Thank you! Within a week my mindset changed. I’m appreciative for your framework and the process!"

AWESOME and Activating

"AWESOME! I’ve heard everything you said before, however it was something special and activating when you said it. Thank you!"


"Fantastic! I really appreciate how The Possibility Framework™ focuses on making actionable steps to reach a goal. I get too bogged down in the big picture and then the negative self-talk kicks up and I am paralyzed. That said, I am stuck and need a voice like yours to support me through finishing my MS degree. I am so close!"

"I’m still on a high from your masterclass. It’s been 3 weeks. I’ve never been this excited, empowered or inspired EVER!! Thank you!"

Very Informative

"The steps you shared were very informative, will definitely use them! Thank you! Thank you for everything!"

You Gave Me A Lot To Think On

"I hear you and I believe that. Thank you for that confirmation! I am really loving #8, really all of the steps, but #8 hit home for me. Thank you so much and God bless. You gave me a lot to think on and make decisions about my path."

So Excited

"So excited to start my confidence journey with you." 

An Intentionally Created Space

"Thank you, Shelly for intentionally creating this space for us to grow in whichever way we need to grow in this phase and season of our lives."

You Make Me See Things Differently

“Every time we get together you make me see things from a different perspective.”

I Feel Less Overwhelmed

"Thank you Shelly! After our talk I feel less overwhelmed! I feel more geared towards NOT giving up."

Never been this empowered EVER!