Purpose Activation Challenge -Graphic.png
Purpose Activation Challenge -Graphic.png

Accomplish your next goal in 4-weeks!

Get rid of the frustration and discover the secrets to overcoming that deep feeling of failure! Now is the time to accomplish your goals and dreams. No more delay -- just intentional action!

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4-Week Goal Intensive

Purpose Activation Challenge -Graphic.png

Achieve your goals 4x faster over 4 weeks!

You are not alone with the frustrations that come with achieving your goals...

  • Lack of consistency

  • Lack of confidence

  • Fear of failure

  • Misaligned views on what you "should" be doing

  • Fear that too much time has passed already

  • Not knowing what to do FIRST or NEXT

  • Focusing on what you lack or what you don't have

  • Trying to figure out "how" before taking a single step

You desire to accomplish your goals, but you have been so discouraged by hindrances and challenges that you've been struggling to take intentional action for your goal and dreams.  

Well my friend, now is your time!

What You'll Get:

4 Weeks of LIVE virtual individual coaching for your specific goal

4 Individual Coaching Sessions for 45 minutes each week

Digital Workbook for the 4-Week Goal Intensive

30-day access to my signature Goal Setting for Success Masterclass

Weekly Coaching Summary for each session

Goal Intensive Session Modules

Get front row seats as Shelly guides you through the exact framework and system she uses to help her clients accomplish their goals 4x faster without all the details and with MASSIVE results.


Session 1

For every goal, there are inevitable challenges, hindrances, and obstacles that you will have to overcome in order to achieve goal success.

If you don't have the clarity, confidence, and the right perception, you will quickly give up, run out of gas, and lose passion. 

This is why I created "The Possibility Framework™" to keep you on track, motivated and focused on the right things....the "What", the "who", and the "why" so you can take intentional action.


Session 2

Everyone knows that you NEED action for goal success. Since the beginning of time humans have been making impact in the world by:

Envisioning, Believing, Planning & Doing

In this module, we will uncover how to get accountability for consistent goal success and find out what you already have that makes you the RIGHT person to accomplish your specific goals -- not someone else.

It's no longer enough to just have a goal. Now is the time to accomplish that goal with confidence for the impact you've been created to make and ultimately increasing your income.


Session 3

This is typically the single most challenging part of every professional and creative person's journey to goal success --taking consistent simple action. 

I get it! You feel unqualified, overwhelmed and don't know where to start FIRST, struggling to refocus when obstacles come, and simply discouraged by the BIG picture. I will help you to take simple action steps towards your goals with confidence, clarity, and commitment.

The purpose of this module is to teach you how to start making MASSIVE progress 4x faster using The Possibility Framework™!!


Session 4

As you move toward goal success how do you stay motivated? When things don't go the way you thought, how do you keep making progress? 

This is where the "Inspire" stage comes in. Your goal success is based on your motivation to keep on going. When you are encouraged and connect that with intentional purposeful action you will consistently overcome your challenges. Your motivation will then help you move toward more goal success.

When you apply yourself to the ENTIRE goal success blueprint, you will consistently make MASSIVE progress and achieve your goals and dreams much faster!

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What if I told you that there was a more effective way to make MASSIVE progress towards your goals? 

What if there was a way to reduce frustration AND increase confidence for your dream and goals?

Over the past few years, I've helped hundreds of professionals to increase their confidence, impact and income by achieving their goals and I'm making space for you to do the same using my proven goal success blueprint.

You will walk away from this intensive feeling:

CONFIDENT in your process, abilities, skills, and specific goal

EMPOWERED to take intentional action

INSPIRED to share your wins with others without sounding boastful

READY to successfully accomplish your next goal

I'm excited to share with you the EXACT step-by-step journey that helps so many to accomplish their goals and dream with confidence in a way they would have never imagined!!

Reviews & Testimonials

Within A Week My Mindset Changed!

"You’re providing us with something we didn’t know we needed. Thank you! Thank you! Within a week my mindset changed. I’m appreciative for your framework and the process!"

AWESOME And Activating

"AWESOME! I’ve heard everything you said before, however it was something special and activating when you said it. Thank you!"

I Put Myself Out There!!

“Ever since I completed your goal intensive training I have been able to sell my products in 4 stores this spring and summer. I put myself out there and now I’m overwhelmed!! I went from OH YEAH to OH CRAP real quick! Now, I’m going to use your system to figure out how to tackle it once the initial shock wears off lol”

Learned My Own Process

"Learning my own process is what you helped me to accomplish with your framework. Thank you!"

You've Helped Me So Much!

"Thank you! Honestly, you’ve helped me so much. Literally! “The Confidence Coach” Pushing me and allowing me to be confident in my knowledge and what I already have and all the things that make me…me. I appreciate you. Thank you!

You Gave Me A Lot To Think On

"I hear you and I believe that. Thank you for that confirmation! I am really loving #8, really all of the steps, but #8 hit home for me. Thank you so much and God bless. You gave me a lot to think on and make decisions about my path."

I Love It

"Thanks for helping me to be confident! I love it." 

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